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   Accessories                                               Packrod spin or casting


Home INNOVATIVE Fishing Gear
Casting Poles And Spinning Poles
Home of exciting 22" Poles with the action of 6` rod!
Several models for casting, spin casting, ice fishing,
trolling, and bait casting,

Removable Interchangeable rods for all models
Ideal for:
Horse Backpackers
RV`ers and full timers
Survival pole
and Fisherman of all ages

Executive pole/rod is brief case friendly
Outcast 6` telescoping rods
Breaks down to 14"
Adjustable handles
Dock shooters
Tackle box pole/rod

Emmrod is a Fishing Rod Manufacturer our Compact
Fishing Rods
are great Travel Fishing Rods
we have several models of Fishing Rods
and Fishing Gear
Buy Now!!